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End-to-End Connected Vehicle Platform

Our Connected Vehicle Platform provides “Plug-Configure-Play” services for our partners and customers to deliver secure cloud-based connected vehicle services. We deliver valuable insights to improve safety, manage fleets and generate new revenue models.


Experience You Can Trust

BitBrew was founded in 2016 by DanLaw, a global leader in connected car and automotive electronics. This automotive DNA is key to delivering world class mobility solutions for an increasingly connected world. Our team is dedicated to revolutionizing mobility by driving innovation and bringing people together.

Who’s building with BitBrew?

Our customers have launched several monetizable services leveraging our end-to-end connected vehicle platform with rapid time to market results.

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Fleet and Fleet Management Companies

Maximize efficiency and boost operational performance by reducing unplanned downtime and vehicle health issues, improving fuel economy and driving behavior.

insurance image
Insurance Companies

Reduce risk and encourage safe driving habits by leveraging real-time telematics data streams contributing towards Driver and Vehicle Score.

electric vehicles image
Electric & Autonomous Vehicles

Enhance battery and EV performance with built-in anomaly detection, health scoring, cognitive-based modeling, and road surface classification.

smart cities image
Smart Cities

Improve safe driving, aid emergency response vehicles and public transport with V2X services like vehicle pre-emption, traffic priority, and safety alerts.

transportation image
Transportation & Mobility

Leverage real-time vehicle data streams to deliver end-to-end mobility solutions. Improve roadside safety, alleviate road congestion and prediction modeling for weather conditions.

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Automotive OEMs

Generate new revenue models, enhance customer experience, lower warranty costs, and improve product quality with real-time metrics, vehicle health data, and OTA services.

Plug-configure-play Simplicity for Your Connected Vehicle Ecosystems

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Plug - Configure - Play

Stay ahead of new revenue models, engage directly with your customers, and get a leg up on the competition. BitBrew’s features and user-friendly interface make it easier for you to serve and adapt to your customers’ data needs and demands.


  • Review with business stakeholders and relevant product owners
    • Identify Services
    • Identify Key metrics / KPIs
    • Identify testing / validation / experience criteria
  • Gather vehicle data for selected program
  • Define integration and baseline criteria


  • Define end-to-end data and process flows
  • Configure and establish ecosystem
  • Activate pipelines and services
  • Perform integrations
  • Validate data outcomes


  • Deploy pilot
  • Monitor and review outcomes
  • Establish business value
  • Perform retrospective
  • Define scope for production/larger deployment

Ready to Transform Mobility Experiences?


Our team is ready to create transformational solutions that take your mobility services to the next level.