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Mobility Solutions by BitBrew

Take advantage of intuitive edge management, data services, and structured data insights to provide best in class mobility services.


Helping you build better, faster mobility applications.

BitBrew connects automotive, enterprise, and consumer markets with seamless digital connectivity, customer engagement, and management tools to inspire new and improved mobility services.


Securely connect your vehicles to share their trip data to the cloud

BitBrew simplifies connectivity management with a user-friendly interface to help you monitor your entire IoV ecosystem in one place.

  • We integrate with multiple global air carrier partners
  • Manage your SIM, data & edge devices all at once
  • Get anomaly notifications to alert you of abnormal data usage
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Simplify management of your customers, vehicles, devices, and data

BitBrew is designed to facilitate seamless business management and data analysis. Our platform integrates with your third-party devices to always deliver detailed, relevant data.

  • Securely provision, deploy & manage edge devices
  • Enhanced device diagnostics for quick troubleshooting
  • Monitor & manage OTA Campaigns at scale

Leverage vehicle data to create new applications

We process data for you to use and create transformational mobility applications. We simplify and streamline your data to help you bring mobility possibilities to life.

  • Create new product features with confidence and save on testing with reliable, real-time vehicle data
  • Innovate your corner of the mobility industry with BitBrew’s streamlined, user-friendly data services
  • Get your data delivered how you want it
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Cognitive insights from your vehicle data

Get contextual awareness of vehicle usage, vehicle health, event-driven alerts, and notifications. Our machine learning and crowdsourcing engines combine your vehicle and trip data with business-specific data to help you improve your operations.

  • Analyze data for fast troubleshooting & constructive product improvement
  • Engage customers & enhance your services with BitBrew’s predictive data insights
  • Transform your customers’  experience with our unique data insights

Why BitBrew?

End-to-end Security

Keep your data secure. Our cloud safely stores and transmits your vehicle and trip data. Without a middle man, we can ensure you get high-speed vehicle data analytics in real-time. BitBrew securely integrates with multiple global air carrier partners so your data is uninhibited.

Simplified Integration

As well as third party devices, BitBrew is compatible with 98% of vehicles made since 1996. Danlaw’s DataLogger device helps you find parking, predict maintenance and more. BitBrew acts as your DataLogger’s messenger and relays all the important stuff to you.

Trusted Danlaw Technology

BitBrew is a wholly owned subsidiary of Danlaw, provider of the best OBD2 (On-Board Diagnostic) device on the market. Our best-in-class DataLogger hardware and connected technology help you turn every ride into a story.

Priceless Data Insights

Stay ahead of repairs and accidents with expansive vehicle data insights. The BitBrew cloud sorts and sends you insights to help keep your fleet and revenue models running smoothly. Get vehicle data, OTA (over-the-air) services, SIM management, connection diagnostics, edge management and more.

Fast Data Delivery

Seamless, low latency transmission ensures you receive your data sets in real-time via WiFi, cellular or Bluetooth connection. For high data availability, take advantage of clustered services and third party device integration.

Scale Your Business Model

Tracking your fleet helps you determine how to improve your operations and budgets long-term. With seamless connectivity and reliable technical support, BitBrew is your trusted partner in innovating mobility services.


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